David Wilson

Years of experience: 20

Expertise: Production & Sound Design

You ... Our Client

Meet David

David is a visionary that has spent years exploring the technology of sound design.  His background as a studio musician and lyricist, started in the 70’s with a 4 track studio of his own and has evolved to where he can now record and playback 3-dimensional surround sound.            

The Team  ......

Front End

We and our talented team of associates use cutting edge technologies to create the ultimate product for our clients that will enable them to reach there audience in a unique and profound way.  From the beginning we design each project to meet the budget and expectations of our client.  Our cutting edge 3-dimensional surround sound is our signature product and is available for those looking to set themselves apart from the current world of digital non-dimensional audio.  

Our Strength

Kathy Wilson

Years of experience: 25

Expertise: Production & Casting

Meet Kathy

Kathy Wilson is the President of WaveLink Productions USA.  Kathy founded Wilson Entertainment, Inc, a top Talent & Literary Agency in Portland, Oregon. The talent she discovered appeared on Episodic TV, miniseries, numerous national commercials and feature films such as Mr. Holland’s Opus, Incredible Journey, Free Willy, and Point Break.             

Imagine a world where films ignite our souls to explore our true potential to cherish our lives and respect all inhabitants of the planet we call "home".  Science and technology can assist us in our journey, however the discovery and mastery of being human takes discipline and courage.  We and our talented associates are continuously perfecting cutting edge sound technology that we believe will enhance our human experience.

Our Vision