Our current film project "Mistified" is a U.S. / New Zealand collaboration.  For details please visit our website ...

Mistified is a mystery, adventure  … Our young heroine is challenged with the heartbreaking loss of her mother, an unknown future and a series of events that will keep you guessing. … Will she find a happy new life in New Zealand or will she find the tragedy her mother so feared and tried so desperately to protect her from.

Beyond the mysticism and reality bending, lives a coming of age tale and a story of self-discovery.  While immersing us in the Maori culture of New Zealand, Mistified bursts at the seams with the power of possibilities. 

It is a magical story of extraordinary, even impossible occurrences wrapped in a captivating tale of family and love.

The film  features an insight into a strong and vibrant Maori culture that will touch a universal audience as it connects them to their own inner strength and potential.

New music technology and recording techniques will help deepen the experience.


               Join us in leaving a Legacy .......

Tapapa Marae is one of the  ancestral homes  for Ngati Raukawa people in New Zealand.  It is the home of Makuini Ruth Tai and her husband Wayne.  
The vision is to rebuild an eco-sustainable, permaculture based marae.  The existing buildings were destroyed in a fire several years ago.  So from the ashes will rise this glorious vision.  As part of a lasting legacy of our film we will contribute to this grand vision.  How?  ....    By rebuilding “Manawanui”, the wharenui  (meeting house).